Enrolling New Students July 2022

Meet your instructor

Mary Bee is an intuitive medium and life coach working out of the sunshine state. Her connection with those on the other side of the veil has led her to another passion- helping others find their light within. Working from the heart, Mary Bee will help you strengthen your connection to receive messages that will light up your path along your journey called life.

You are the Key

As humans we often ponder about our own existence. Why are we here and where do we come from? What if you could unlock information within yourself to find connection to the Universe to help answer these questions?

Building a Foundation

This online instructor led course offers you step by step instruction to create a foundation built upon your own intuitive abilities. Starting from the energy centers known as chakras, leading you through manifestation techniques and the connection to higher realms, you will be able to practice and apply what you have learned in every-day life situations.

"Mary is a delightful spirit! Her class was thorough on all counts with plenty of good information and lots of experiential practice. She was very responsive to all questions, and my experiences were validated and supported. Thank you, again!"

-Jan S.

"The online Intuitive Medium class I took with Mary was beyond my expectations! As an absolute believer in all things related to mediumship, I have always questioned my own abilities and intuition. The natural approach, and ease of understanding made this a perfect place for a beginner like myself! I came out of the class with new experiences I never expected, a deeper spiritual connection for myself, and confidence to dig deeper. Thank you Mary!"

-Britt D.

"First off, I really enjoyed this 8 week class!! From learning meditations to help open up our Chakras to using Oracle cards and even working in groups, I’ve learned so much in that short amount of time and I’ve truly enjoyed every second of it 150% ! Mary Bee is a great teacher !!!!! Her classes are very fun, warm and exciting !!! She gets very involved with her classes and helps her students out if they have any questions or if they just need some encouragement! Honesty this class has helped me out a lot and I am truly wholeheartedly grateful for that !!!🙂 So go check this class out, you won’t regret it at all !!"

-Darrell W.